Curaçao: a jurisdiction not to be missed

A Curaçao private foundation or a trust is often used for asset protection and privacy purposes. The Curaçao private foundation and the Curaçao trust must be set up by a notarial deed executed before a civil law notary in Curaçao. Both the private foundation and the trust are a very flexible solution for asset protection and privacy purposes. A private foundation, for instance, can be easily implemented in international holding structures through Curaçao and is very suitable for family asset protection. By means of a letter of wishes or provisions in the articles of incorporation, the settlor of the private foundation may appoint the beneficiaries of the private foundation.

There is a lot of Curaçao involved… Curaçao is one of the pearls of the Caribbean and it is definitely The Capital of the Caribbean. Curaçao is part of the Dutch Kingdom. Its highest court is the Supreme Court (Hoge Raad) in The Hague. Curaçao has a civil law system.

Every year more and more people discover that Curaçao has a lot to offer. Curaçao currently provides a favorable tax, legal and regulatory climate for international trusts, international companies, hedge funds etc. Its regulatory regime and its anti-money laundering rules provides for comfort to investors, funds, high net worth individuals and companies. Also, the quality of service providers is high. Attorneys, administrators, trust companies, company managers etc. have a strong tradition in providing (international) financial services.

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(20 August 2013)

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