Programming in several languages: Papiamentu, Dutch and English

Nos Pais Television is an innovative multimedia company that has the potential to improve the economic and social well being of the nation in general, thereby creating a more prosperous and harmonious society that is of the benefit to all inhabitants of the Dutch Kingdom.

Nos Pais Television is a new commercial multimedia company with its headquarters in Curaçao, broadcasting on channel 4. The objective of the company is to perform as a full professional and high definition quality television station with a daily airtime ultimately of more than 15 hours. The multicultural target audience is located in a 50-50 split in the Caribbean area and in the Netherlands region. The programming will be therefore in several languages as Papiamentu, Dutch and English.

Mavis Albertina has founded and organized an innovative commercial communication platform for and in favor of local citizens in the Dutch Caribbean region and the former Netherlands Antilles community in the Netherlands in order to share and exchange relevant content. The impact will be a much more involved and interested society and offers the ability for residents to make use of point to multipoint provisioning. Nos Pais Television consists of a new modern studio complex in the Saliña area with many thematic television sets and has invested in state of the art high definition television technology equipments.

Via partnerships with some international oriented services providers a modern ultra-high speed telecommunication infrastructure with the application of streaming facilities is used, so both geographical regions can be served simultaneously on demand: click here.

(29 December 2013)


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