The essential rules for the smart negotiator

Aernoud Bourdrez is a lawyer and conflict negotiator. The approach of Bourdrez differs from traditional advocacy. Where traditional lawyers focus on the legal aspects of the conflict, Bourdrez puts emphasis on the patterns that characterize the conflict and ways to break through these patterns.

On preventing and resolving conflicts Bourdrez wrote the book Think Like a Lawyer, Don’t Act Like One. For this book he followed the famous course Program on Negotiation at Harvard and he read standard works like Getting to Yes, The Theory of Conflict and The Art of War. He also watched hours of Big Brother and Hell’s Kitchen and dozens of K-1 fights.

But according to Bourdrez, he learned the most from Dashcam movies on Youtube. Particularly those from Russia, where traffic can get raw. The dash mounted cameras beautifully record how conflicts arise, and how the one conflict drastically gets out of hand and the other one is smartly resolved.

Based on historical events, hilarious blunders and examples from his own practice, Bourdrez explains the recurring patterns you see in conflicts and how you can break through.

Do you have a conflict?

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