Most stuff still works

I am happy and still enjoy life. I will keep on working to make Curaçao a better place to live for all human beings irrespective of their color, culture, race, nationality, language, religion, belief, age or sexual orientation.

I will spend my birthday with my wife, daughters and parents… and not on Facebook.

I have asked my family and friends to make a contribution to the “Akademia di Beisbòl Bandabou Tigers” in Curaçao in lieu of a birthday gift. And if you feel like contributing to this cause, please send an email for the details (Karel_Frielink@hotmail.com).

50 is like the new 30… This is not about looks, but dreams and passion! And remember: A day without laughter is a day wasted!

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Karel Frielink

(26 June 2014)


Masha Danki / Veel Dank / Thank you for your generosity (click here)!


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