The leading specialist international network of fraud and asset recovery lawyers

Organized and operating under the auspices of the Commercial Crime Services of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), FraudNet is a 24/7 international rapid deployment force that pries open the vault of bank secrecy and helps victims locate and recover their stolen assets with the same cyber powered speed, stealth, reach and proficiency as the most sophisticated global fraud network.

Fraudsters meet their match in FraudNet’s experienced team of civil asset recovery lawyers, investigators and forensic accountants, who creatively wield their own sophisticated legal and investigative tools to trace and seize stolen assets wherever located.

FraudNet is today without doubt the leading global independent network of international lawyers specializing in fraud, white collar crime and asset recovery. Set up in 2004 by ICC Commercial Crime Services the anti-crime arm of the ICC, it currently numbers 69 firms in 61 jurisdictions and provides a vital resource for victims of fraud throughout the world.

Karel Frielink
(Attorney/Lawyer, Partner)

(13 February 2015)

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