Staatsrechtelijk is het simpel en moeilijk tegelijk

Op de Naar mijn mening-pagina is vandaag een stukje geplaatst naar aanleiding van de recente (staatsrechtelijke) ontwikkelingen in Sint Maarten.

Karel Frielink

(14 oktober 2015)


Ps (16 October 2015)

The second Vice President of Parliament Hon. Cornelius de Weever, on Thursday, 15th October, has sent a letter to the Members of Parliament (MPs) requesting additional information with respect to a convocation for an urgent meeting of the House of Parliament.

The letter reads as follows:

I have taken note of your Convocation for an urgent meeting of Parliament and hereby request that you provide the Chairman of Parliament with further information regarding the urgency of and reason for the meeting.

“Notice is also taken of the fact that the meeting is scheduled for 6.00pm. Please explain the reason why the meeting is scheduled for such an uncommon and late hour. Given the current safety and security challenges I am cancelling this meeting.

“I herewith request you to submit your request for an urgent meeting within our normal working hours and it will be convened within 4×24 hours, according to the Rules of Order. Awaiting your soonest response.

However, the coalition ignored this and continued with its meeting that had the majority of MPs present – eight of the 15, and Sarah Wescot-Williams was elected new Parliament Chair in spite of De Weever’s cancellation….


Ps 2 (16 October 2015)

The right to dissolve Parliament by national decree is a constitutional and autonomous right of the Government,” wrote Governor Eugene Holiday in a letter dated May 16, 2013, to then-Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams when she tried to stop the then-National Alliance (NA)-led Council of Ministers from invoking Article 59 of the Constitution. Click here for the letter.


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