The Consular Corps of Curaçao represents 31 countries

A new Board of the Consular Corps of Curaçao was appointed at the recent annual general meeting. Karel Frielink, honorary consul of Germany, was re-elected as Dean. The other board members elected were Margaret Hawthorne (U.S. Consul General) as Vice-Dean, Jan Van Belleghem (honorary consul of Belgium) as Treasurer, Ralph Obersi (honorary consul of Mexico) as Secretary and Paul Pradin (honorary consul of France) as Member.

The Consular Corps of Curaçao represents 31 countries. Its members serve as consul general, vice-consul, or honorary consul. They assist citizens from the countries they represent visiting or living in Curaçao in some legal and consular matters. They also work to promote good relations between Curaçao and the country they represent.

31 January 2018


Direktiva nobo pa Corps Consulaire di Kòrsou

A skohe un direktiva nobo pa Corps Consulaire di Kòrsou den un reunion resien di miembronan: Karel Frielink, kònsùl honorario pa Alemania, president di direktiva. E otro miembronan di direktiva ta Margaret Hawthorne (kònsùl general pa Merka) komo visepresidente, Jan Van Belleghem (kònsùl honorario pa Bélgika) komo tesorero, Ralph Obersi (kònsùl honorario pa Mèksiko) komo sekretario i Paul Pradin (kònsùl honorario pa Fransia) komo miembro.

E Corps Consulaire di Kòrsou ta konta ku representashon di 31 pais. E miembronan ta kònsùl general, visekònsùl òf kònsùl honorario. Nan ta yuda siudadanonan di e paisnan ku nan ta representá i ku ta biba na Kòrsou òf ku ta di bishita ku asuntunan hurídiko i konsular. Ademas nan ta stimulá un bon relashon entre Kòrsou i e pais ku nan ta representá.

Dia 31 yanüari 2018


From left to right:

Paul Pradin (Member), Karel Frielink (Dean), Margaret Hawthorne (Vice-Dean), Jan Van Belleghem (Treasurer) and Ralph Obersi (Secretary).


Sr. Paul Pradin (miembro), Sr. Karel Frielink (president), Sra. Margaret Hawthorne (visepresidente), Sr. Jan Van Belleghem (tesorero) i Sr. Ralph Obersi (sekretario).


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