Only to licensed credit institutions

Any Notes (including rights representing an interest in a Note in global form) that are offered as part of their initial distribution or by way of a re-offering in the Netherlands Antilles, shall, in order to comply with the Netherlands Antilles National Ordinance on the supervision of banking and credit institutions 1994, only be offered, sold, transferred or delivered in the Netherlands Antilles to credit institutions licensed in accordance with the Ordinance or that are in possession of an individual exemption granted by the Central Bank of the Netherlands Antilles.

Insofar as services and/or products that are offered through electronic media are concerned, the rules of the Netherlands Antilles National Ordinance on Electronic Agreements must be complied with, i.e., specific information regarding the services and identity of the provider of the services must be stated. As far as unsolicited offers are concerned, those receiving such unsolicited information should be offered the possibility to object to future provision of suchlike information to them.

Karel Frielink
Attorney (Lawyer) / Partner


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